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As the world becomes increasingly reliant on the communication and storage of information, so the need for reliability, security and increased data transfer speed grows. Fibre Optic technology is therefore inevitably becoming more widely used in every part of business network infrastructure. Optical Fibre cable offers a level of reliability and security above that of copper cable as well as increased communication speeds all within a more space-conscious solution. With a combination of over 50 years experience installing, terminating, testing and maintaining Fibre Optic cable, our team can provide complete support through all stages of infrastructure installation from design to end user. Our qualified engineers are trained in all direct termination methods and more commonly splicing, using the latest Sumitomo fusion splicers. We can also offer a blown fibre solution, an excellent future proofing solution, meaning the cabling routes can be closed following the initial install and more fibre can be added as needed with minimal disruption to your business. 

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Fibre Solutions is an approved

installer of a variety of brands of

Copper and Voice cable. We can

therefore offer a range of solutions

perfectly tailored to fit you and your

budget. Working with these brands we

can offer complete support throughout the

installation of your project, and beyond, with a

full warranty guaranteeing you reliability and peace of mind. If a wireless system is what you require we can offer a variety of solutions and the experience to optimise your coverage. Our engineers have received training in the installation, termination and testing of all grades of 4 pair copper cable including Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, Cat7 and more recently Cat8 as well as multicore Voice cable. On top of this knowledge, and many years of experience, our engineers take great pride in the work they produce and are regularly accredited for this. 

Data Centres
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The installation of infrastructure within data centres can offer a completely different challenge. There is a need for the best quality cable, installed to the highest spec with minimal losses. Often a pre terminated, high density solution is the best option. Our engineers have much experience installing "top end" cabling systems within the most secure and sensitive environments and always to the highest standard. All our engineers are CRB checked to ensure they are able to access high security areas with absolute confidence

Data Centres

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Testing is a key part of the service we provide. Our engineers are equipped with, and fully trained to use, the latest Fluke Networks testing technology. In order to provide a warranty, an install must be tested to a specific limit. The latest touchscreen testing technology can be configured to test within any desired limits, results are then electronically recorded and shared with you, the customer, for complete peace of mind. 

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