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Fibre patched switch
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It is almost impossible to overstate

the importance of information and

its communication to any business

at the outset of the 21st century,

when the accelerating pace of

change makes it vital to keep

your finger on the pulse.

Call: 01992 807903

Fibre Solutions has been providing, installing and maintaining network infrastructure services for a range of industries, for over 15 years. These include the NHS, aviation, education and businesses, large and small both in the workplace and within data centres, nationwide and beyond. We have a team of trustworthy, dedicated and experienced engineers who are always striving for excellent results and who take pride in the work they produce. 

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“I would like to forward my thanks to the guys who installed the fibre, their conduct on site, their manner, commitment to the job and the overall quality of work was at a very high standard.” 

Peter Legg

System Infrastructure Technician

Unilever Bestfoods UK

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